The "HALARI MEMON GENERAL JAMAT" was established in the area of Shorashter (India) with united of 19 villages belonging to the memon community. These 19 villages in India Preferred to be united under the platform of the HALARI MEMON GENERAL JAMAT rather than to establish Jamats individually in their respective villages' name in their areas. This exemplary unity made the HALARI MEMON GENERAL JAMAT, a symbol of unity of 19 villages.


Those Halari's who are effected from a law and order situation, please send your details on inquiry form so Jamaat can help them.
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You can deposit your donation on the following branches of Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.


Report of "ZAKAT" distribution in the year July, 2011-12


hmgjAPPEAL, Donate Qurbani
We will distribute Qurbani share for needy and poor people on your behalf. Give your Qurbani ki Khalein to Halari Memom Jamaat View Catalog
hmgjProfessionals, voluntarily conduct classes (Nusery to Matric) on Friday from 3 to 8 at Halari Jamaat Office. For registration please contact us
hmgj Marriage Hall Renovated
We are pleased to announce that on Feb 14th 2012, ceremony was held for Marriage Hall (Ground floor and upper floor) after renovation.
hmgj Health Care
In 1954 "Halar Jamat" established dispensaries with the help of the doctors of the time for poor people and provided free medicines to them without any discrimination.
hmgj Educational Programme
In 1963 Mr. Seth Ahmed Dawood has inaugurated School, the leadership of the time started thinking to expand its services to education sector and made a plan for establishing a school under the name & style “BAGH-E-HALAR SCHOOL"
hmgj Donation
By the Grace of God, we are able to Generate Funds and distributed in the following areas. (read details)
- Marriage Aid
- Funeral & Burial
- Medical Treatment
- Medical Aid Pharmacy
- Medical Aid Hospital
- House Rent (Monthly)
- Ration Aid (Monthly)
- Ramzan Iftar
- Sewing Machine
- Loan (Interest Free)
- Certain % for new Residential House
- Education Course & Fees (Monthly)
- Rehabilitation in Various Areas
- Rozgaar (Rickshaw & Scooter)
- Bachat Bazaar, To Promote Ladies Self Finance