ABOUT HMGJ // Overview


The  “Halari Memon General Jamat” was established in the area of Shorashter (India) with united of 19 villages belonging to the memon community. These 19 villages in India Preferred to be united under the platform of the Halari Memon General Jamat rather than to establish Jamats individually in their respective villages’ name in their areas. This exemplary unity made the Halari Memon General Jamat,  a symbol of unity of 19 villages.

Since then Halari Memon Jamat strength has increase to approx 8,000 registered families with the approx population between 37,000 to 40,000 people.

Thus,Halari Memon General Jamat comprised of the following villages: anjuman whose names are:
"Alia" "Bada" "Beraja" "Dharol, Dhuvav" "Jodia" "Jalia" "Jambuda" "Jamvanthly" "Karimpura (Rajkot)" "Khilos" "Kalavad" "Lalpur, Nikawa" "Pardhari" "Sachana" "Sarodar" "Varitya" "Vadala".